U.S.Traders Suraksha 6 in 1 Pest Repeller and Health Care System (Pack of 2) Light Grey

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Pest Repellent cum Health Care System. Effective on Mice, Bugs, Lizards, Spiders, Mosquitoes & Pests. Ultrasonic Sound Waves, Sweep Sound Frequency.Based on the Japanese Technology, Scientific Research has found Ultrasonic Sound Waves attack the auditory & nervous systems of the pests causing them pain & discomfort. The Unit takes 3-4 Weeks for Satisfactory Elemination of Household Pest. No Fumes, No Harmful Rays, No Bad Odour. Safest & Economical Way of Killing Insects, Mosquitoes & Pests. Uses Electricity Very Miserly. Direct Plug-in into Normal Sockets. Maintenance Free. No Use of Polluting Chemicals. Semicircular Space Access for Operation. Power Consumption: 1.5 Watts. No Mats, No Chemicals, No Sprays. No Fumes, No Daily Expenses, No Smells. Portable, Easily Fits Bags. Durable, Long Lasting Heavy Duty Product. Light Weight, Weigh Less Than Average. Skid Proof Design, Great Handling. Easy to Use, Easy to Operate. Virgin Plastic, High Quality Material. Simple, Elegant Product. 100%

Country of Origin: India

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