Super Clean Keyboard / Gadget / Car AC Vent Cleaning Gel - Pack of 2

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This High-Quality Soft Putty Cleaner is safe and easy to use. The Cleaning Gel instantly absorbs dust and dirt with little effort. All you need to do is press the cleaning slime to the surface that needs cleaning. The Cleaning Gel Putty can be used for hard to reach spaces, areas, and spots in your car, office, and home due to its putty texture. This Stay Clean Putty keeps your car vents, dashboards and more completely dust free. The Cyber Tech Friendly Cleaning Jelly is applicable for most electronic appliances including keyboard, printer, camera, cell phone, speaker, and computer screen and other home and auto appliances. While in use to absorb dust, the Cleaning Putty doesn’t leave sticky or greasy residue on surfaces or hands. Versatile cleaners for electronics, auto and home is available in multiple scents: Natural Green Apple, Lemon and Grape It does not require cleaning and this Super Gel Cleaning putty can be used several times until the color turns dark.

Country of Origin: India

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