Spring Acupressure & Magnetic Therapy Paduka Slippers For Full Body Blood Circulation & Leg Foot Massager

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Accu Paduka/Slipper Spring Slipper Acupressure & Magnetic Full Body Massage Foot Care Yoga Paduka Massager Acupressure Sandals Are Specifically Designed To Stimulate The Soles Of The Feet Which Have Hundreds Of Nerve Endings. This Special Foot Massaging Action Can Improve Circulation And Alleviate Fatigue. Simply Walking In Your Acupressure Sandals Promotes Healthy Blood Flow;Increases Oxygen;Induces Relaxation And Re-energizes Feet And Legs. The Acupressure Massage Therapy Stimulates And Activates The Body's Own Energies To Help Fight Illness And Restore Harmony. Acupressure Has A Lot Of Advantages For Physical;Spiritual;And Mental Health. It Helps To Relieve Pain;Reduce Strain;Increase Blood Circulation;And Provides A Relaxing Effect To The Body. In A Nutshell;Acupressure Involves The Simple Act Of Applying Pressure To Various Points On Our Bodies And It Does Wonders To Alleviate The Aches;Pains;Tension;And Built Up Stresses On Our Bodies.

Country of Origin: India

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