Shopeleven Steam Vaporizer for Cold and Cough, Mini Facial and Nose Steamer Vaporizer (multi colour) Vaporizer

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The vaporizer is useful for Wellness For Inhalation Relief From Common cold cough and Stuffy Nose Headache Sinusitis Bronchitis(Inhalant additive to be used under Physician & apos;s advice) Soothes(BALM EFFECT) Relief from Strained Muscles strained Joints, Stiff joints Aroma Therapy, and Ayurvedic Treatments It can also be used for Beautification.It can be used for below Face treatments Facial Steam Bath Cleans Pores. Facial Sauna Helps your skin glow Comforts Skin after removal of Makeup/Foundation Great for Manicure and Pedicure BEFORE PEDICURE/MANICURE Softens Nails, Cuticles and callous Great tool for Men: It helps in Softening beard and help you get a smooth clean shave Color may vary based on availability.

Country of Origin: India

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