Release ON Chimney Filter Cleaner Concentrate - 2 Piece

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Caustic-Free – Unlike market service providers solution, the product is free from caustic soda which creates an exothermic reaction. These chemicals breakdown themselves with no negative consequences. Non-Toxic – It is very safe to use this product. The concentrate does not harm your health or environment. It does not spoil the groundwater or make the nearby animals sick. Non-Hazardous – Unlike acidic products, the “Release On” Kitchen Chimney Filter Cleaner Concentrate has no known health risk or environment danger. Non-Flammable – It is a risk-free non-flammable product, meaning it does catch fire easily. Compatible with all metals – The product is an alkaline composition which is soft on different metals of the mesh or baffle filter. After the cleaning, one can see a sparkling filter reborn.

Country of Origin: India

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