Pest Reject Mosquito Repellent Ultrasonic Machine Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Pack of 2

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This machine should be installed 80-120 cm away from the floor, and no other obstacles around within 1 meter. Easy to Install - Simply plug it in to household power socket vertically. This machine should be installed 80-120 cm away from the floor. The blue LED light will illuminate, which indicates the device is working. Working range: One pest repeller can protect 80-120 Square Meters. To enhance the performance, please use more than one device in large rooms.Quiet- The ultrasonic waves that this repeller sends are far beyond the hearing range of human-beings. Enjoy a peaceful & pest-free tight sleep without any concerns for noise. The electronic pest repellent is designed for environmental protection and 100% safe for human. No radiation, non-toxic, no smell and no noise. Just drive pests away without killing them, an environment-friendly and humane solution to keep the pests away from your home. The pest repellent can be widely used in home, warehouse, shop, hotel, hospital, office,

Country of Origin: India

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