kitchen cleaning sponge for washing dishes( Pack Of 5)

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Material: Nylon Fibre Color: Green and Yellow Item Dimension: 75mm x 27.63mm x 100mm Package Contents: 5-Pieces Scrub Pad Nylon scrub pad on the reverse side for cleaning stubborn stains Multipurpose These scrub pads can be used to clean other things apart from the purpose of cleaning the utensils. You can also clean the tiles of the kitchen and bathroom wall with them. Nylon Scrub This scrub pad has a nylon scrub pad on the reverse side of the sponge for cleaning stubborn stains. It’s used for heavy-duty scrubbing. This scrub pad combats everything from scrambled eggs to grungy grills.

Type: Others
Capacity: 10.0 (in ml)
Country of Origin: India

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