Doctor Plus Toilet Bowl Cleaner 500 ml (Set of 2 Pcs) (1000 ml)-Price Incl. Shipping

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It gives 99.9% Germ Kill Guaranteed set of 2 pcs The advanced thicker formulation also saves time & effort in cleaning 10X power gives faster, better & efficient cleaning (ORGANIC SURFACE-ACTIVE AGENTS (OTHER THAN SOAP), SURFACE-ACTIVE PREPARATIONS, WASHING PREPARATIONS (INCLUDING AUXILIARY WASHING PREPARATIONS) AND CLEANING PREPARATIONS, WHETHER OR NOT CONTAINING SOAP, OTHER THAN THOSE OF HEADING

Type: Bottle
Capacity: 500.0 (in ml)
Capacity (litres): 0.5 (in litres)
Capacity (gm): 500.0 (in grams)
Capacity (kg): 0.5 (in kg)
Country of Origin: India

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