Clothes Wardrobe Organizer for Shirts, T-Shirts, Jeans, Plastic Closet Drawer Organizer Cabinet Folding Board Storage Rack Travel Closet Organizer

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Package Contains : 1 Pack Of 10 Sheet T-Shirt Organizer Material - Plastic, Colour - Transparent. Use it in a suitcase and never unpack. Just pull your clothes from the middle Also a compact desk organizer, great document organizer, file organizer and so on FOLD AND SORT LAUNDRY FAST : This 10 layers t-shirt organizer acts as a shirt folding board and laundry sorter too. Fold right onto organizer, then stack and organize your whole family's laundry into neat straight piles, stacked high as you need. Simply return the empty ones to the laundry room with your dirty clothes for re-stacking! With this organizer you leave the shirt on the folding board which goes with your shirt to the closet so your piles stay neat all the time.

Country of Origin: India

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