Bio Natural Premium 100% Organic Mix Fruit Face Pack for Whitening & Depigmentation Set of 2 (100X2=200g)

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Bio Natural Mix-Fruit Face Pack for a smart look never understimating the importance of planning. The natural composition of this remarkable Bio Natural Face Pack, works wonders on your skin though regular treatments, and helps improve it's quality. it's effect of the deep under the surface of your skin to make it glow, from within. You can see, over a short period of time, how the components of the pack rejuventes your skin from deep down while enhancing your texture and complexion. plus, it works well with normal to oily skin, and helps keep it smooth, moisturized and healthy. you may catch people stealing an awe- struck glance at you. How To Use: Rejuvente your skin with fine Bio Natural Aloevera Face Pack that removes unhealthy skin cells.

Country of Origin: India

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