Bio Energy Card Nano Health Card Pad Magnetic Therapy (Pack of 3)

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Bio Energy Card consists of FIR (Far Infrared Ray), which helps to heal our body. When used daily, it provides a very high capacity for healing. This helps to balance the energy level of body & maintains appropriate energy flow through a unique processing procedure using bio ceramic powder, the infrared rays are eliminated and the pure FIR wave-length is captured. FIR waves are nearest to the micro element of the human body and are retained in the Bio Energy card.Need of Bio energy Cards. All the illness is caused by disturbance in the flow of energy in the human body. It maintains the flow of energy, improves blood circulation. Prevents from different diseases.

Color: Green
Type: Mobile Phone Skin Stickers
Material: Other
Length: 5.0 (in inches)
Width: 5.0 (in inches)
Country of Origin: India

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