Anti Radiation Gold Sticker for Laptop, Phone, Tablet, Television, Mobile, PC, Generic (Pack of 4)

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Anti Radiation Chip, Sticker Radiation can cause brain tumor, heart attack, cancer, risk of miscarriage. The Positive effects of anti-radiation are: 1. Reduces radiation from electronic applied objects 2. Enhances sports performance 3. Help recover from sports fatigue 4. Increase in blood circulation 5. Helps to relax tensed muscles 6. Normalize physiological functions 7. Improves concentration and focus 8. Enhances body facility of oxygen 9. Strengthen the body's immune system 10. Reduces stress 11. Improves body energy 12. Relaxes migraine and headache 13. Lowers blood pressure 14. Enables a good night sleep 15. Relieves persistent neck and shoulders ache 16. Reduces back pain 17. Reduces sweat and odour take off the adhesive tape and paste the chip on the product to reduce radiations.

Color: Golden
Type: Mobile Phone Skin Stickers
Material: Other
Length: 3.0 (in inches)
Width: 3.0 (in inches)
Country of Origin: India

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