8-Pack Wonder Hanger Closet Organizer Closet Space Saver Wardrobe Clothes Hook Organizer - 8PCHANGER

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The plastic wonder hangers for clothes hangers are innovative space saving organizers that will get your closet organized in no time. The wonder hangers can be hung vertically saving lots of horizontal space along your closet rod. Each hanger holds up to six standard clothes hangers each stacked over the other. The hanger may also be used horizontally to maintain even spacing between clothes. Made of sturdy plastic each hanger holds up to 20lb and eight hangers are included (which will hold 48 hangers). Plastic wonder hangers for clothes hangers features up to 20lb capacity. Great for seasonal storage and also perfect for purses and belts keeps clothes pressed and prevents wrinkling can also be used for horizontal hanging to manage spacing between hangers. Sturdy plastic construction. Maximizes your closet space. Perfect for use in tiny or crowded closets. May be used with wire plastic or wood hangers. Super easy to use just hang garments horizontally. Easy on and off open design.

Country of Origin: India

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